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Andy's Story

The reason I chose  B Brave Clothing for myself and my partner is that fact I suffer with mental health related issues! I may appear to have things working out for me but far from it, each day is a new day with it's own challenges and finding a brand like B Brave has shown there are other people out there that struggle and who want to support like minded/struggling people with day to day activities just like me!

I am a personal training operating from a commercial gym in the Midlands, these gyms are not always friend when you have mental health illnesses, I want people to know there are people who will stop to say hi! Who will make time to make sure you're ok and will ask those questions other are just afraid to ask or just don't understand the trouble some of is face!

With the support of brands like B Brave Clothing and other such as Mental Health Muscle people are finally beginning to understand and offer help to those who truly need it!

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