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Balance and ordel


Welcome to Balance!

After being introduced to each other late 2019, myself (Sam) & singer, Ordel, inspired each other in our own separate fields, alongside our mutual passion for promoting positive mental and physical health.

One using music to share personal experience and mental health issues, connecting with audiences from all around, the other using clothing to encourage people to embrace who they are and speak up.

One story we shared was of a personal journey taken by Ordel, where after a difficult period in his life, a realisation came of the importance of finding a way to step back and stop.

For him, it began with sitting in silence, with just a coffee. This then adjusted to meditating each day.

Being inspired to spread the importance of this information, Ordel and I put our heads together and came up with ‘Balance’, and the third element of the B Brave collection.

‘Balance’ is about enforcing that time for yourself.

So many of us spend so much of our time striving to achieve goals, working hard and continually pushing. When we focus so much on just moving forward, we can often forget where we have come from and what we have already achieved for ourselves.

For this reason, along with many others, it is so important to stop, to reflect, even just for a minute.

This clothing is designed around the highest comfort and quality, whilst being environmentally friendly.

It is to use in those moments for you.

Keep your life in balance.

Find your time to pause.

Find your silence.

To get the range for your self click the link here

Ordel & Sam