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Claires Story - OCD

Claires Story - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Let me introduce you to Claire, she is in her 30s and although now she is managing her mental health, she has come a long way. It's great to have Claire on the team and showing the world that although from time to time she feels it creeping back in, she is much more aware of it and is able to ride it out and move forward. Much better than she ever used to. 

So without keeping you any longer, here is Claires story.

"Since I was 7, I have suffered with contamination Obsessive Compulsive disorder and a fear of germs.

I used to constantly wash my hands so I didn’t get poorly, I washed my hands so frequently they became all blistered and sore.

My parents helped me over come the worst of my OCD, coaching me through the worst parts and helping me understand that not all germs can make you poorly.

At around the age of 19/20 years old, along with panic and anxiety around friends, family and death, I also became obsessed with fitness. I was not eating enough in terms of the fitness I was taking part in. I was working out, or doing some form of fitness every evening along with sessions at the weekend. I was not consciously doing this, but sub-consciously it was another way my OCD was showing itself.

I am now in a much better place, having learnt to understand and manage my OCD and anxiety. I’m still a bit of a germaphobe and only have an occasional lapse in anxiety that I cannot manage. If I feel anxious or panicked, going CrossFit (sensibly), for a dog walk, bike ride or a run really helps to clear the mind and calm my thoughts. I also enjoy a good sing song to clear the mind. Talking to friends, family and work colleagues has helped greatly.

At work I am now a mental health ambassador and find it amazing that the company are taking Mental Health seriously. To find a brand that supports mental health along with giving money to charity gets a great big tick from me."