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Sustainable Clothing

We are passionate about the environment and want our clothes to be reliably sourced and have a positive impact on the planet, both for the environment and to the people they employ, so we have teamed with Écologie by AWDis, and Stanley/Stella as there missions are to help reduce the harmful impact of the apparel industry on our planet whilst creating products that are durable and last the test of time, at an affordable price. 

We work with Stanley/Stella for our:

We work with Écologie by Awdis for our:

Our printing at B Brave

We have always used Peta approved vinyl for our decoration of tops and has served us well over the 1st year, and now in our quest to become more sustainable to the environment around us here in our Leicester shop, we will be making the change to screen printing. We will use water based inks that are much better to the environment than plastisol inks. The time it takes to print each tops is reduced ten fold, both freeing up more time for more tops and work, but also less power is needed to do the process.

We are looking for new activewear brands to offer both high quality product and one that is sustainably sourced. 

We are so excited to be bringing these new designs and garments to you, so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space.




From the beginning, the company’s mission has been to create the highest quality garments possible at the most sustainable level.

Our product portfolio mainly consists of knitted garments including t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and accessories.We believe that premium quality and timeless fits are key for a sustainable slow fashion industry and we consciously design our garments to be long-lasting and worn as many times as possible.

Stanley/Stella’s customers are spread across Europe. We work with a select network of partners who transform the garments locally through printing, embroidery and other decorating techniques. Our customers include printers, agencies and brands such as B Brave Clothing.

Ecologie by AWDis

At Écologie, we are committed to creating well designed, affordable and environmentally friendly clothing. Our approach is fashion-focused and sustainability-led. We believe good quality clothing shouldn’t cost the world.

Our 100% Organic Cotton has minimal impact on the environment through close partnership with our supply chain. Crops are grown and processed free from any harmful chemicals, seeds are GM free and farmers are free to grow mixed crops, improving soil quality and reducing water usage.

In order to ensure we are moving to our goal of low impact carbon neutrality we will continue our tree planting programme in partnership with carbon footprint. Our worldwide tree planting scheme contributes to the global environment by improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.

We are dedicated to cleaning the world one plastic bottle at a time, transforming them from trash into technical sportswear. Our recycled polyester saves 33% - 35% energy compared to virgin polyester, reducing landfill waste, soil contamination, air and water pollution as well as our reliance on fossil fuels.


We believe that transparency is fundamental to any sustainable policy, which is why mid 2020 we decided to look into the factories and who we work with and adapt our way of working. 

For example, Stanley/Stella produce a report each year about the sustainability of their products CLICK HERE, and it shows their equality process when employing staff, the actual names of the factories and stats about each one, and why they choose them. It is an amazing report.

Secondly Ecologie by Awdis have a fantastic document about their products that too are sustainable and what lengths they go through to make sure the best level of sustainability is carried out on each item. CLICK HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to look into how we source our products and manufacturers and if there is anything you would like to get in touch about please drop us an email - 

Much love

Sam, Stacie & Scarlet :)