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Thank you for inspiring us to raise awareness around Mental Health and help us break the stigma.

We would love to share your mental health recovery/success story with images of you wearing our tops. 

Let us know if you'd be happy to share your story.

Once you receive your order, have someone take a photo of you in your new tops. Along with the photos email us your story about why mental health has effected you, why the awareness is important and what the tops mean to you. 


Please email the following:

1 - Most importantly - Your mental health recovery/success story (Maximum 250 words)

- Why or how Mental Health has affected you,

- Why the awareness is important to you

- What the top means to you.

2 - A couple of photos of you wearing the tops, 

*Photo Tip* - Where you can, try get someone else to take them. The reason we suggest this is because Selfie cameras are often poor quality compared to the main camera on your phone. Or use a good old fashioned Camera.

3 - Due to GDPR, we need a short line from you confirming that you're happy for us to use your pictures and share your story. (As if sending us it was not enough)

Please send all of the above to -


We really can not wait to read and to share your story!

Thank you so much for your support and for helping us raise awareness!

From Sam and all of us at the ever growing B Brave Community!