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Kay - B Free

"My name is Kay, I’m a creative writer, model, and activist for change.

I live in Devon.

I’ve lived with mental health issues the majority of my life, but find coping mechanism in campaigning for progress.

I appreciate brands like B Brave which aid other campaigning organisations and charities in facilitating the progress and change that is needed desperately and urgently in rural areas.

I live with complex post traumatic stress disorder, opportunities such as modelling for B Brave enables me to cope and express my need for creativity and acknowledgement in a positive way that I hope inspires others.

I campaign for the following and B Brave is setting some examples on a local level...

1 - Living with mental health is challenging enough let alone the lack of an emergency Mental health team in rural areas.

2 - Conflicting legislation. If we didn't breach, it would teach the world to go round much smoother and give us our equal rights.

3 - Access to the creative voice for people living in rural areas. B Brave sets the example here for sure."

Kay Browning BAH @instakingkoala