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Mind Charity



We've got such a passion for mental health and mental illness awareness from personal and close family experiences, and believe that it is something that every one can and may go through at different stages of their lives.

We believe it's important to educate our children that there is no such thing as being normal, be your self and that's enough. We are all different and if we give the world a little kindness it will help improve someone elses day, plus bring a glow to our own.

Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about - so be kind.

Introducing Mind Mental Health Charity

Mind's Mission is - "We will not give up until everyone experiencing a Mental Health problem gets both support and respect." - That's a powerful message, who doesn't support that?!

Two of the UK's largest Mental Health charities have come together to form an amazing project called Time to Change, and we think the work Rethink Mental Illness and Mind does is outstanding and we wanted to help in some way.

Damn right we support it, and with each product you purchase you'll also be making changes to peoples lives across the UK as we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to these great charities and projects.

They believe a better life is possible for all people severely affected by mental illness. They do this through services, support groups, campaigning and offering an award winning advice and information service.


We have personally worked with mind a number of occasions over the years to help run projects in London (although we're Leicester based, lived around London for a few years), to run community days with their project Time to change.

We have also used their services and Sam's sister Amy is an advocate / ambassador for time to change, so something that's been close to the families heart for years, and this is our way of giving back.

When someone says to me, "Come on mate, be strong" - What does that mean, it's quite vague hey... But how? How can I be strong, please tell me?! We hear it all the time. One of our worst phrases we hear is "Man Up" - Ergh! Can't stand it. It's like saying "You're a man, you can't have feelings" - Not acceptable. 

As the video above mentions, If you had a physical injury you'd happily discuss it with someone, and Mental health is no different, yet there seems to be a stigma around it that stops us talking. One of the best healing remedies is the ability to open up and talk about it, you'll be amazed at how much talking about it can help.

Do you need help now? Then follow this link to get in touch with the guys at Mind right away.

To get involved or even supported today follow the link here to hear about all the wonderful things Mind are going as a charity -