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Our Story so far

Hey up, I'm Sam, the creator of B Brave Clothing.

I want to share with you the passion behind this project and why Mental Health is such a big part of my families lives. The reason I felt compelled to build a community, share experiences and break the stigma one tee/hoodie at a time.

From a very early age and my earliest memory of what Mental Health even was, was back in my school days with my younger, yet incredibly inspiring, sister. I was from time to time pulled from lessons as my sister was having seizures or attacks so I could help to comfort her. Some teachers would mutter or moan that I'd had to leave "another lesson". Why couldn't they be Kind? I got in some trouble for speaking up but that's another story. This was something us as a family and she'd seeked help for her self and got the most amazing support, but know many others who have not been able to do so, yet. 

Some of my very best friends and my partner have had struggles with extreme anxiety and depression and learning that they had struggled with suicidal thoughts and actions really got to me. I thought that if I could check in with them, if I could start a conversation with them, then what if it can help, just a little bit.

Each and everyone said that being brave and verbalising their thoughts, when ready, was like a weight being lifted, and having someone there (whether me or a councillor, a colleague, anyone) then they wish they did it sooner.

There are so many amazing people out there who have been through struggles or are currently working through tough times, and those who are able to help. I want to bring together a community who are able to stand side by side. A community who work towards breaking the stigma surrounding Mental Health, who will rally together, wear a brand with pride, and inspire each other on a daily basis, whilst raising funds for MH Charities. I know this is a lot to ask, but it is something that we are building, and we're getting stronger, together, by the day.

We work with Mind Mental Health charity by offering their services out, and by donating a portion of our proceeds every month to them. Wearing the tops around is a real conversation starter, and I often get stopped in the street and asked about the tops, which is starting more and more important conversations! It's all coming together and I'm so happy for you to be a part of this journey, without you this brand would not exist, so thank you.

I want our generation to be the ones who make a change so that my daughters generation has a better understanding of mental health and how to be kind to others but also themselves. Which is why we share the stories and experiences of those who have supported us and the B Brave Clothing brand by wearing our tops. 

I believe that if we can B Brave and speak up, or if we can B Kind to ourselves and those we come in touch with then the world can become a better place. Remember everyone may be fighting a battle we know nothing about. Let's work together to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

That's a part of why I created B Brave Clothing. Thank you for your support, Sam"

Want to see me explain all of this in much more detail and find out why i'm such a big advocate for talking about your Mental health, then click our podcast appearance with Harley Therapy.



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