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Post Lockdown Survey

We are so grateful for the amazing support you have all shown us as we conducted a Lockdown Survey. Thank you to everyone who got involved, the support we are getting is amazing. Here's what we found from the results... Remember, you're not alone. Thank you,

More than 70 percent of respondents to a research survey have said they have enjoyed lockdown as it has provided them the chance to focus on themselves and their health.

Leicestershire’s BBrave Clothing, a sustainable active leisurewear company dedicated to supporting positive mental health, surveyed 117 people to understand how lockdown has affected them and their hopes and fears as measures are easing.

The survey identified that almost 60 percent (59%) of respondents have dedicated their time in lockdown to improving their physical health, 50 per cent of these have taken up running, but other physical pursuits have included walking, yoga/Pilates, and dancing – including tap dancing.

The research also identified that, although most respondents are excited about seeing friends and family and spending time with loved ones as lockdown measures ease, there is a lot of anxiety, particularly around still catching Covid-19 and people not adhering to guidance, causing a second wave of the virus.

Some respondents (10%) also felt concerned that life would not return to normal, and conversely others said that they were worried that life would return to normal.

Sam Wren, Owner of BBrave Clothing, comments on the findings: “I know lockdown has been really challenging for many - social isolation, fear of catching the virus and having to balance working from home with home schooling and child care. But, it was really encouraging to see that most of the respondents to our research used lockdown to invest in themselves and their physical and mental well-being.

“However, 41 percent of our respondents have struggled with lockdown and say that they are emerging from the past three months feeling anxious about the future.

“BBrave Clothing was established to champion positive mental health to encourage the next generation to BBrave and have a better understanding of mental health and how to be kind to others, but also themselves.

“The feedback from this survey will help us to tailor our content and the support we offer and signpost to as lockdown measures continue to ease. We may have only been in lockdown for a couple of months, but the impact of this change to all our lifestyles will be felt for a long-time to come, and although some people have the resilience to adjust to it, as shown by our survey, there are others that will find the ‘new normal’ really tough – and it is important that have the right help and support from the outset.”

Sam Wren - B Brave Clothing